Indonesia-West Jawa-Majalengka 2

Still in Majalengka, about 23km from Panyaweuyan I visited the terrace again but this time it was the rice terrace which was prettier than in Ubud


As far as the eye can see, it looks like a beautiful green rice terrace

Although not as famous as the rice fields in Ubud, in fact the terraces here are more beautiful and have a wider area


Located 2km from Nangkrak rice terrace, I visited Ciboer Pass which is also beautiful with views of the terraced rice fields

There are hotels and restaurants with interesting views of the rice fields

Beautiful scenery can be seen from the paved road for vehicles

We can also walk along the path in the middle of the rice field

Walking down the path with rice fields everywhere

Between Panyaweuyan and Nangkrak, we also stopped at Situ Cipanten

And having lunch of grilled fish and other Sundanese food

27th June 2022


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