new zealand- north island


Visiting New Zealand was on my wish list for years . I must admit that LOTR was also inspired me . Around by car is the perfect way to explore this beautiful country . But until 2 weeks before departure , I am not sure I would be able to drive by myself for the entire trip . Finally , after convincing myself, I decided to rent a car and que sera sera .
Driving alone from north to south in 10 days , I really enjoyed every moment . An incredible experience enriched heart , mind and soul .

This country is really beautiful . If I had to describe it properly : yes it is true that their attractions are not in the category of most or the best in the world as the highest , greatest .. But what is remarkable here is .. the journey itself is the destination . There are lakes, rivers , waterfalls , mountains , beaches , parks along the way . So every mile is the destination πŸ™‚


7.Visitor Centre-5
visitor centre-auckLand

3 days in the North Island are not enough: driving from Auckland to Wellington, explore Waitomo, Rotorua, and try rafting on the Kaituna river, I forgot to visit the LOTR filming location. Just realized after arriving at the next stop, and I decided not to  return. I am in real life now, not in a dream, nor in movie



lake rotorua

The highlight of the North Island is Rotorua . This place is very unique . It is well-known for geothermal activity and geysers . Hot springs everywhere . I feel like in hell  πŸ™‚

kaitura river rafting
kaituna river rafting
6m jump
7m jump-tutea falls



The three volcanoes snow-capped Ruapehu (left), broad-domed Tongariro ,conical Ngauruhoe (right)


FERRY wellington-picton

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