Peru is farthest country I’ve visited . Yes, Machu Picchu is the reason for the visit . I met a guy at Huaca pyramid in Lima , and he surprised me with a question : from here , if we draw a straight line across the Pacific Ocean , whether Indonesia is a large country first encountered? Yes.  Then I asked myself . Why do I have to fly far to the north and then to the south ? 🙂

Jorge Chavez International Airport , Lima

Of course , my first step in Jorge Chavez International Airport , Lima is the heroic experience . In addition, the other passengers on the plane applause after landing . I don’t know why. I feel like in Latin film that I watch sometimes

plaza mayor or plaza de armas with bronze fountain, built in 1651

A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site , Historic Centre of Lima in the old part of town was an interesting experience .

lim 004Monasterio de San Fransisco
Monasterio de San Fransisco

Walking alone in the bustling tourist area with lots of police everywhere and especially in tourist spots , I’m not sure I feel safe or worry :). But the attractions are too good to be missed.

11.bronze fountain,1650

8.Palacio de gobierno-Government Palace of Perú-

Plaza de armas or Plaza Mayor is the original city centre, founded in 1535, although almost all of the original structures were lost in the earthquake of 1746. The only original structure remaining  is the bronze fountain in the center, built in 1651

bglim 041-2
plaza mayor- plaza de armas
Olaya passage
16.Plaza San Martin
Plaza San Martin and monument to Jose de San Martin


Catedral de Lima

walls of lima


I also visited the new part of the city .


And I was really impressed with Larcomar, a large shopping center complex . It is the coolest shopping center I have ever visited . Although I’m not a fan of shopping malls , but this place caught my attention . located in a hilly area with views of the Pacific Ocean , it is really cool .



We also can join or just enjoy the scenery paragliding flying over the buildings around this area . From here we can also enjoy the scenery incredible sunsets




Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Huallamarca

Huaca Huallamarca
Huaca Huallamarca

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