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bangka island




Bangka (or sometimes Banka) is an island lying east of Sumatra, administratively part of Sumatra. It is the main part of Bangka-Belitung Province. The provincial capital, Pangkal Pinang, lies on the island

matras beach

From Jakarta it is one hour by plane. It has beautiful beaches.





tanjung kelayang
tanjung kelayang

Belitung (or in English, Billiton) is an island on the east coast of Sumatra. Its main town is Tanjung Pandan

tanjung tinggi

It is a medium sized island of about 1,840 square miles (4,800 km2), it consists of moderately rugged terrain with several hills.The highest one is Mount Tajam with the height of only less than 500 meters (1,600 ft)

Mount Tajam

The island is easily accessible with 4 daily 50-minute flights from Jakarta.  Due to the fantastic white sand beaches and picturesque offshore islands, tourism is starting to become a larger part of the local economy.


Its turquoise blue sea is moderately calm and shallow, making for great sailing, snorkeling and swimming.


The mainly tourist destinations are beaches and offshore islands/islets

tanjung kelayang
tanjung kelayang

Belitung is popular for its abstract granite boulders and brilliant white sand beaches in Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga and Lengkuas island

lengkuas island

IMG_9758 (2)


 pictures taken in 2006

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    1. anikiki says:

      ana, thank you :). Unfortunately, belitung pictures taken in the rain, cloudy days

  1. voyaze says:

    Those are amazing landscapes… what’s the best way to get there?

    1. anikiki says:

      indeed.. there are direct daily flights from jakarta,capital of Indonesia, to bangka(pangkal pinang/PGK) and belitung(tanjung pandan/TJQ). it takes about 1 hour

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