about me

I’m ANI KRISNAMURTI, and my nick name is KIKI. An Indonesian, born in Indonesia, grew up, live in Indonesia.  And I’m a happy traveler

Having educational background and working experiences in Engineering and Management, travel is my passion. I’m very lucky and blessed to live my dreams to see the world.  I did most of my trips as solo traveler. Thanks to people in my life for either intentionally or not, inspiring, encouraging, and supporting me. So far, I have traveled to 54 countries in 5 continents and I think I have seen almost all what I want to see most. Numbers don’t really bother me. I travel because I want to. And I love it…

I like to take photo since I was teenager and I did mistake for never seriously learning photography. After travel so far, I realized I have a bunch of travel pictures and experiences to share. Since writing is not my hobby, my pictures speak more then

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