Indonesia-Central Java-Semarang

Goa Rong

Central Java is an easy to reach destination from Surabaya, my hometown, either by train or by car. That’s why during the pandemic when travel was very limited , I only visited places in Central Java and surrounding.

Ondo Langit


Because I have visited Semarang city many times, so this time I only visit for enjoying Semarang traditional cuisine


One of the interesting places in Salatiga is Goa Rong. Goa Rong is a tourist spot where we can see the view from a height. From there, you can see the mountain ranges of Ungaran, Mount Telomoyo, Mount Merbabu and Rawa Pening.


I usually visit Train Museum while stopping at Ambarawa . But this time I visited Fort Willem I, a nice fort in secluded place of town.

Old building but unfortunately not well maintained though some parts are still used now as prison


Sepakung Village, located at the foot of Mount Telomoyo, has a variety of tourist attractions that we can try. One of the most visited tourist attractions is in Gumuk Reco with beautiful view of Mount Merbabu.

Visitors can also see the expanse of verdant rice fields and thrives decorated with shady trees making the scenery even more exotic.

Ondo Langit is part of the Gumuk Reco tourist complex in Sepakung Village

Ondo Langit invites visitors to enjoy the sensation of walking on a steep cliff as high as 45 meters.  From the slopes of the cliffs that have been built by rides, the mountains can enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside, as well as towering cliffs.

Semilir Village

Semilir Village is an artificial village that contains one stop entertainment, shopping places, theme parks, lodging and various game rides. Not much interesting here

Semirang Falls

Located on the northern slopes of Mount Ungaran, there is an exotic waterfall with a green swimming pool surrounded by trees and cool mountain air. The distance from the parking location to the waterfall is about 500 meter

Dec 13 2021, June 5-6 2022

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