Despite a strong impression about Thailand is  religious building , but in fact the country offers many different attractions : beaches , food , culture , shopping and entertainment . And what exactly is a good point here , this country has a strong character and uniqueness . So once we look at the photo, it will be easily guessed that it was a photo taken in Thailand

wat arun- temple of dawn, taken at sunset




Santichaiprakarn Park

Fortunately , though Bangkok is a big city , we can still find a strong traditional touch in some places . Therefore Bangkok is still a tempting destination for visitors . It is a good combo pack : attraction , management and promotion . Not surprisingly , the city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world , even from neighbors .



AYUTTHAYA – siamese kingdom 1351-1767

Travelling by train from Malaysia in 2000 , my first impression of Thailand was a backpacker friendly . And in my last visit a year ago , I still feel the same


som tam – green papaya salad

food is one of the main attractions of Thailand . although spicy but many people still love even those who normally do not like spicy food

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