italy & vatican

Greece 2004 093

Italy is one of my favorite countries. Before the visit here, I’m quite familiar with Italian . Of pizza , pasta , football , and .. andrea bocelli . And I am very happy to eat pizza in the country of origin. An incredible experience .

Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world , 49 sites . In addition to the amazing historical sites , the country also has beautiful natural scenery and very strong culture . Soon after you arrive in Italy , you will know that you are in Italy !


Greece 2004 048

Greece 2004 085
trevi fountain


Greece 2004 034-bg
St. Peter’s Basilica



Greece 2004 204

Greece 2004 159
grotto azzura


Immagine 294

Immagine 020


Immagine 267
campoi de miracoli-field of miracles

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