Indonesia-West Jawa-Majalengka 1


I’ve been waiting to visit Panyaweuyan for a long time and finally after pandemic I visited this place. Panyaweuyan Terrace is the largest and most beautiful terrace in Indonesia

Located in Majalengka Regency, the Panyaweuyan location can be accessed from several places in West Java. I choose to reach it from Cirebon

Departing from Cirebon in the morning, I passed the beautiful view of Mount Ciremai

Located about 40km from Cirebon, this place is really worth a visit

Panyaweuyan is located at the foot of Mount Ciremai

There are two viewpoints there that can be visited. Panyaweuyan Peak and Lawang Seketeng

Puncak Panyaweuyan

We walk up the stairs to the highest point in this valley and can see the surrounding scenery

Walking down the path we will meet a beautiful view

Along the way, we also encounter various vegetable fields

Finally we will arrive at Lawang Seketeng

Lawang Seketeng

From this place I walked back to Panyaweuyan Peak

And walk through the beautiful scenery

And terrace fields again

27th June 2022


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