peru-machu picchu

Visit Machu Picchu is one of my dreams. Because this place is very far from my country it seems difficult to reach … but there is no dream that can not come true..


Cusco , often spelled Cuzco (Spanish: Cuzco), is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range


Paracas (“sand rain” ) is the capital of the Paracas District in the Ica Region in Peru. A small port town catering to tourism, Paracas serves as the jumping point for tours to Islas Ballestas and to Paracas National Reservation (wikipedia)


Peru is farthest country I’ve visited . Yes, Machu Picchu is the reason for the visit . I met a guy at Huaca pyramid in Lima , and he surprised me with a question : from here , if we draw a straight line across the Pacific Ocean , whether Indonesia is a large country…