Indonesia-West Nusa Tenggara- Lombok 2

Back and back again to Lombok, I always find beauty memorable. Lombok has beautiful beaches and islands, enchanting waterfalls, fascinating culture and delicious food. SENGGIGI Senggigi is still the best place to stay to explore Lombok SENARU SEKOTONG KUTA   PINK BEACH FOOD  


Paracas (“sand rain” ) is the capital of the Paracas District in the Ica Region in Peru. A small port town catering to tourism, Paracas serves as the jumping point for tours to Islas Ballestas and to Paracas National Reservation (wikipedia)

indonesia- central sulawesi

Even in lesser known places such as Central Sulawesi, you can still find the beauty of Indonesia, my country

mexico-cancun&isla mujeres

My main reason for visiting Mexico is Chichen Itza. but surprisingly, Mexico has more than ruins. Although I only visited the Yucatan and Chiapas, but all impressed me. they are awesome. lagoons, waterfalls, old city, and even the beach. cool..